Missing Worlds Media

Our Focus

Our focus is to provide a gaming experience that not only respects previous innovations, but embraces and builds upon them.

Our Vision

We see the same things players see because we are players. We are builders. We are lovers of using what works to make something amazing.

Our Mission

Build the City.
That's it.
That's the Mission.

Giving back to the community what was taken from it.

Our Goal

To create a family-friendly game of heroes, vigilantes, mercenaries, and villains, bringing you all that you loved from previous heroic games and improving where the newest technology allows us to.

About Us

Missing Worlds Media, Inc.

Missing Worlds Media is a community based game studio.

What's that?

We're a collection of programmers, designers, project managers and fans, all banded together with decades of software and game experience.

We're committed to rebuilding and creating worlds that are missing. Worlds that died far too quickly with hundreds of thousands of fans waiting for, and committed to, a rebirth.

Will you be creating a Spiritual Succesor to a beloved Comics Universe Game?

That's up to you. There are some legal constraints on what we can build. But our goal is to remain as true to the spirit, the feel, the concepts that everyone who played those games remembers. Legally, no one can rebuild the exact game. No one except the legal owners of that IP.

What we're doing is providing fans with a new world. A world that is new, yet one you remember.

Check out the forums to find out more.

Why Choose Us ?

We strive to represent what the community wants

Our number one priority is making sure the community of gamers who have lost beloved MMOs are front and center when making decisions.

While Missing Worlds Media may only employ a small number of people, hundreds of volunteers contribute time, effort, and creativity. The community is intimately involved in the direction of the game. There will be some natural limitations on what we can and cannot do publicly (spoiler alerts!), but we do make every effort possible to include past, present, and future gamers.